Karen Dess Hypnotherapy



Become the best you can be emotionally, mentally and physically


Hypnotherapy is safe and effective. It unlocks blocks within the subconscious mind and allows you to change your life in any way you want.

Hypnotherapy can alleviate distress and create new pathways of subconscious thought and subsequent behaviour. It can help you connect with your own personal power to realise the real you. It is a natural, safe and cost effective way to improve all areas of your life.

I specialise in personally tailored holistic Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programs (NLP) and Metasymbology to unlock the subconscious blocks and initiate change. My sessions are tailored to your individual needs to harness your creative power and bring out your best.  Together we can tap into the power of your own creative potential, initiate healing and set you on a path towards reaching your highest goals.

I am one of the few practitioners in Australia to use Metasymbology with all my clients to create uniquely holistic therapy designed for the individual.

Metasymbology is a way of characterising personality types. This little known formula is based on teachings from the Tree Of Life and a combination of Kabbalistic wisdom, archetypes, numerology and astrology.

Metasymbology allows unique understanding into an individual's thought and behaviour patterns, opening the way for holistic and organic change to occur.

I also see clients for Metasymbology alone or use it as part of a tarot reading. These readings help you to understand your life path and to bring clarity, guidance and to reveal opportunities for your success. Combining Tarot and Metasymbology creates amazingly accurate and insigntful readings. 

After every session you will receive a FREE HYPNOTIC RECORDING of all the hypnotic trance and suggestions used in your session. These recordings are for your own use and can be played when you are relaxing to further reinforce the work you do together. These recordings will be provided to you after each session free-of-charge. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve all of the following, and more:

Improve your Self Esteem, Creativity, Sport Performance, Fertility, Childbirth & Relationships, Motivation and any goal you set yourself.

Overcome addictions and issues such as Smoking, Gambling, Drugs, Over Eating, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Emotional Traumas, Health Problems, Depression, Habits, IBS, Nail Biting & Bed Wetting and many others.

Learn how to Manage Your Weight effectively, Control Stress, Overcome Phobias, Reduce Pain, Improve Sleep Patterns, Develop Positive Beliefs, Attitudes and Ideals, Enhance Sporting Performance, deal with Sexual Concerns, gain more Confidence, experience a Positive and Enjoyable Labour and Birth.

And so much more ... to see more ways that Hypnotherapy can benefit you CLICK HERE.